Who can use our services?
All dentists involved in restorative and implant dentistry.

What services does GIE Dental lab provide?
GIE stands for Glendale Implant and Esthetic Dental Laboratory. We are primarily a fixed prosthodontic lab with the added benefit of managing and finishing implant supported removable cases as well.

How quickly can I expect my case to be completed?
7-10 working days for most restorative cases.
14 working days for implant cases.
Please call for complicated and large cases.
We can expedite rush cases in 3-6 days (please call for extra charge and confirmation).

Where can I get prescription forms?
Our forms are available on-line and via mail.
Click here to view and print a GIE Laboratory Prescription Slip

Do you have flat rate prices?

Yes, available upon request.

Where can I see a fee schedule (price list)?
Per request via fax or email.

What is your warranty remake policy?
There is no charge for remakes and we provide a limited warranty for our cases. Contact GIE for details.

How do you ship?
We ship using FedEx 2nd day.

Who pays for shipping?
In order to expedite the process we provide the shipping box and slips, and we directly pay for the cost of shipping. You will be charged between $6-8 for this convenience.

Types of payment accepted?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

How can I get consultation for a particular case?
There are several ways to receive consultation for your case:

1. Have your study casts or pre-up models available, along with a bite registration and patient pictures. Send those items directly to GIE (pictures may be e-mailed for convenience). If you prefer, you may use an adjustable or semi–adjustable articulator (one of the most common and easy to use articulators is the PANADENT ARTICULATOR). We can provide you a secure box to send over your own articulator if you choose to do so. Otherwise simply register the maxillary occlusal surface and we will use GIE’s articulators to mount your case.

2. We can also discuss your case via email once you provide all available intraoral and facial pictures along with pre-up study models. As soon as we receive the case, our diagnostic department will start and finish a wax-up for your case. Along with the waxed-up models you will receive a duplicate model from your original cast as well as a vacuum shell stent for preparing your own provisionals (we can also fabricate provisionals and send it to your office with your case).