Cosmo ProvisionalGIE Cosmo provisionals are the most reliable prosthetics Interims which not only serve for that functionality but also serves your patient’s esthetic portion of the treatment, on implant cases it can be either cement or screw retained type.  Soft tissue management is another advantage of our implant provisionals which shape the tissue to the sulcus of the emergence profile and the inter gingival pupils.  GIE’s long term Cosmo provisionals are reinforced with wire mesh or reinforced composite luted fiber bands to serve as long as it is needed, this material is easy to adjust and chair side polish.  Our life like cosmo temps are recommended for your long span temporalization, multi-layered colors, natural fluorescence with high strength are an excellent combination for your patient.  GIE’s life like provisional will perform as the best evaluation tool for function, cosmetic appearance and leap support for a successful case finish.