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Titanium is well established in medical and dental applications for its strength and lightweight properties. Ticon™ is an ideal option for patients who need crowns, bridges and restorations.

Straumann’s proprietary CAM processing eliminates the structural material flaws of alloys that are cast. Cast alloys could lead to issues with overall strength and integrity of the coping or framework.

Material properties of Ticon™:

  • Can be X-rayed
  • Conduct low levels of heat
  • Maintain a bioinert state toward acids and physiological solutions
  • Create an optimal bond between titanium and veneer ceramic

Straumann CADCAM Solutions deliver Straumann CADCAM Abutments in ZrO? or titanium when a stock abutment won't achieve the desired result. Unequaled precision and high-quality central milling deliver the esthetic results you'd expect from an industry leader like Straumann.

A variety of custom materials and our state-of-the-art central milling facility allow you to avoid the cost of stocking multiple abutments and components, help streamline your inventory and protects us from the fluctuating cost of gold with fixed pricing materials.

Abutment options are available for all Straumann implant platforms, offering treatment flexibility.

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GIE Dental Laboratory

520 E. Broadway, Suite 101, Glendale, CA. 91205

Toll Free: (800) 292-5525

Local: (818) 551-9092

FAX: (818) 240-3503

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Feldspathic Veneers

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Cosmo ProvisionalGIE Cosmo provisionals are the most reliable prosthetics Interims which not only serve for that functionality but also serves your patient’s esthetic portion of the treatment, on implant cases it can be either cement or screw retained type.  Soft tissue management is another advantage of our implant provisionals which shape the tissue to the sulcus of the emergence profile and the inter gingival pupils.  GIE’s long term Cosmo provisionals are reinforced with wire mesh or reinforced composite luted fiber bands to serve as long as it is needed, this material is easy to adjust and chair side polish.  Our life like cosmo temps are recommended for your long span temporalization, multi-layered colors, natural fluorescence with high strength are an excellent combination for your patient.  GIE’s life like provisional will perform as the best evaluation tool for function, cosmetic appearance and leap support for a successful case finish.

With over 15 years of implant knowledge, our custom zirconia abutments will prove worthy through its esthetics and strength. With over 1200 mpa strength and using only the best FDA approved materials, Glendale Implant and Esthetics is your solution to beautiful and durable implant cases.

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Call the GIE Implant Department and see how Straumann can help you!

Glendale Implant and Esthetics Dental Laboratory is proud to present the Straumann Cares CS2 scanner as part of our line of systems and solutions we offer to your practice! With the quality products Straumann offers, GIE can offer you peace of mind that your case is in the right hands.

Designed to scan within 10 microns of accuracy, the Straumann Cares CS2 scanner produces a 3d digital image, creating a meticulous fit for crowns, bridges and custom abutments time after time. It provides a seamless path of insertion from single copings and primary crowns to large-span bridges and custom abutments to mold to your case, assuring strength and beauty closed margins provide a more precise fit than conventional methods.


GIE Point of Difference

GIE is one of the best labs for your dental practice in the USA, whether you are on the West Coast, Midwest, South or East Coast. GIE is equipped to cater to your questions, education, and your patient’s needs.

Our mission at GIE Dental Laboratory is "Perfecting all of dental prosthetic needs and the Art and Science of Esthetic Dentistry." Our foundation is built on quality, value, and exceptional customer care. These values can be found in everything we do, and you have our promise that our actions will speak louder than words.


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Who can use our services?
All dentists involved in restorative and implant dentistry.

What services does GIE Dental lab provide?
GIE stands for Glendale Implant and Esthetic Dental Laboratory. We are primarily a fixed prosthodontic lab with the added benefit of managing and finishing implant supported removable cases as well.

How quickly can I expect my case to be completed?
7-10 working days for most restorative cases.
14 working days for implant cases.
Please call for complicated and large cases.
We can expedite rush cases in 3-6 days (please call for extra charge and confirmation).

Where can I get prescription forms?
Our forms are available on-line and via mail.
Click here to view and print a GIE Laboratory Prescription Slip

Do you have flat rate prices?

Yes, available upon request.

Where can I see a fee schedule (price list)?
Per request via fax or email.

What is your warranty remake policy?
There is no charge for remakes and we provide a limited warranty for our cases. Contact GIE for details.

How do you ship?
We ship using FedEx 2nd day.

Who pays for shipping?
In order to expedite the process we provide the shipping box and slips, and we directly pay for the cost of shipping. You will be charged between $6-8 for this convenience.

Types of payment accepted?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

How can I get consultation for a particular case?
There are several ways to receive consultation for your case:

1. Have your study casts or pre-up models available, along with a bite registration and patient pictures. Send those items directly to GIE (pictures may be e-mailed for convenience). If you prefer, you may use an adjustable or semi–adjustable articulator (one of the most common and easy to use articulators is the PANADENT ARTICULATOR). We can provide you a secure box to send over your own articulator if you choose to do so. Otherwise simply register the maxillary occlusal surface and we will use GIE’s articulators to mount your case.

2. We can also discuss your case via email once you provide all available intraoral and facial pictures along with pre-up study models. As soon as we receive the case, our diagnostic department will start and finish a wax-up for your case. Along with the waxed-up models you will receive a duplicate model from your original cast as well as a vacuum shell stent for preparing your own provisionals (we can also fabricate provisionals and send it to your office with your case).

Time Schedule

All PFM Restorations
7 Working Days

Full Metal, Inlay/Onlay
7 Working Days

IPS Empress Esthetic or e.max, All Zirconia Crows and Bridges
7 Working Days

Full Mouth Reconstructive Cases, All Implant Cases
Please call to discuss

Local Pickup and Delivery

At GIE DENTAL LAB we offer free pick-up and delivery for our local accounts. Simply call us at:


and we will pick-up your cases on daily bases. Calls after 4:00 PM will be scheduled for next working day.

Rush Services

We provide three different types of rush services to our clients. Remember we are just a phone call away!

** 3 Day Rush
** 4 Day Rush
** 5 Day Rush
**All Rush Cases must be pre-approved by a manager.
**All Rush Cases must be in lab 10:00 AM on the first production day.
**All Rush Cases are subject to extra charge per unit.

Shipping / Delivery

We are also proud to provide the services of Federal Express 1-800-463-3339

Call us and we will provide you with our Fed-Ex account number. We welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Please feel free to call if you have any questions or need pre-printed Airborne air bill with our address on it as receiver please call us at:


Full Mouth Reconstructive Cases, All Implant Cases
Please call to discuss

Packing Your Case

In preparing your case for shipment, we encourage you to follow the guidelines shown below.

1. Completely fill out the lab prescription. Please check all required boxes to ensure your Rx specifications are met. To determine case due date, please click here to refer to the Time Schedule above.

2. Carefully package your case, including your prescription, and tape box securely shut. We ask that you follow these steps when packing your case:

Place foam on bottom of box

Separate models, and secure impressions and bites

Arrange contents in a plastic bag for proper infection control

Place foam on top of contents

Add prescription

Tape box securely shut

To save money on shipping, send multiple cases in one box. Separate the cases in plastic bags and staple prescription to the outside of each bag for accurate identification.

3. Once box is securely taped shut, attach the shipping label to top. To request preprinted labels or shipping supplies, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-292-5525

4. If you are sending a pre-scheduled rush case, write RUSH on the outside of the box/package, as well as on the prescription.

Diagnostic Wax UpsOur Diagnostic wax up can complete your case treatment planning by allowing you and your patient have a complete visualisation of the final prosthesis. Diagnostic wax up either traditional torch - spatula or CAD/CAM mill system brings more predictable result which can dramatically increase the patient's acceptance of the treatment plan that results a better sales and success for your dental office. With our 3 shape and ZFX scanners we are able to design diagnostic treatment plan images and email it to the office for case consultation after any changes and your approval it can be presented to your patient and milled out of white wax articulated and send it back to the office. All our diagnostic wax up cases includes patients preop and wax up models also a potty matrix a clear suckdown tray for creating provisionals after preparation.

As we are one of the original pioneers in implant restoration dental laboratories over the past 20 years we have consistently made sure how implant dentistry can be simplified, predictable and profitable for your office or for your business.  GIE’s implant team is certified and experience on most implant systems in today’s market.  We make sure your case will achieve the best soft tissue contour and obtains natural-looking aesthetic possible.  Each case will be evaluated after the soft tissue model work is done and the case is articulated.  All cases will be constructed based on your specifications, if our implant department noticed the case needs any alteration, we will contact you immediately.  Our in-house CAD/CAM  department now is producing custom titanium and hybrid zirconia abutments with FDA-approved certification.
Our custom castable abutments will also serve in the situation if hand crafted one is needed to perform maximum case-control especially over dropping margins or orienting of the abutment and creating more retentional support.
We are also offering FLAT RATE pricing for the offices with $2000.00 or more of lab work, this way you will know your lab cost before it’s been shipped out.

At GIE we are extremely proud of the quality we are able to provide with our gold castings such as crowns, bridges, inlays/onlays and cast posts.

We are currently using four different high Noble gold alloys including JCB 62 %, Argenco 75%, Argenco 77%, and Argenco 83%.

IPS E MaxIPS Empress® Esthetic is a cosmetic material made of an extremely homogeneous leucite based ceramic. As a result, the restorations blend seamlessly and esthetically with the surrounding dentition. IPS empress® Esthetic has gained a great reputation for creating natural looking, long lasting restorations over the past 20 years.

IPS Empress Esthetic can be stained, cutback or layered with IPS Empress powders. This reinforced glass ceramic is an ideal choice for veneers, inlays/onlays and single crowns. IPS Empress can also be combined with IPS e.max for a flawless blend of strength, durability, and eshetic beauty.

Let our expert technicians at GIE deliver nature’s intended beauty straight to your office and to your patient’s smile.


Please follow prep guides provided by IPS Empress Prep Guide



Adhesive bonding/dual cure materials including: Variolink (Ivoclar Vivadent) Choice (Bisco, Inc.) Insure (Cosmedent, Inc.)

More Information

For more information, please download the IPS Empress Esthetic Booklet

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