As we are one of the original pioneers in implant restoration dental laboratories over the past 20 years we have consistently made sure how implant dentistry can be simplified, predictable and profitable for your office or for your business.  GIE’s implant team is certified and experience on most implant systems in today’s market.  We make sure your case will achieve the best soft tissue contour and obtains natural-looking aesthetic possible.  Each case will be evaluated after the soft tissue model work is done and the case is articulated.  All cases will be constructed based on your specifications, if our implant department noticed the case needs any alteration, we will contact you immediately.  Our in-house CAD/CAM  department now is producing custom titanium and hybrid zirconia abutments with FDA-approved certification.
Our custom castable abutments will also serve in the situation if hand crafted one is needed to perform maximum case-control especially over dropping margins or orienting of the abutment and creating more retentional support.
We are also offering FLAT RATE pricing for the offices with $2000.00 or more of lab work, this way you will know your lab cost before it’s been shipped out.