IPS E MaxIPS Empress® Esthetic is a cosmetic material made of an extremely homogeneous leucite based ceramic. As a result, the restorations blend seamlessly and esthetically with the surrounding dentition. IPS empress® Esthetic has gained a great reputation for creating natural looking, long lasting restorations over the past 20 years.

IPS Empress Esthetic can be stained, cutback or layered with IPS Empress powders. This reinforced glass ceramic is an ideal choice for veneers, inlays/onlays and single crowns. IPS Empress can also be combined with IPS e.max for a flawless blend of strength, durability, and eshetic beauty.

Let our expert technicians at GIE deliver nature’s intended beauty straight to your office and to your patient’s smile.


Please follow prep guides provided by IPS Empress Prep Guide



Adhesive bonding/dual cure materials including: Variolink (Ivoclar Vivadent) Choice (Bisco, Inc.) Insure (Cosmedent, Inc.)

More Information

For more information, please download the IPS Empress Esthetic Booklet